Copy Editing for Business

First impressions count, and having well written, accurate content for your business will increase the level of trust potential customers have in your product or service. One online entrepreneur has estimated that a single spelling mistake on a website can cut online sales in half, as potential customers doubt the credibility of the site. (Read the full article here).


We offer a bespoke proofreading and copy editing service for your business content, including Websites, Blogs, Marketing Materials, Articles and Product Descriptions.

If you opt for the proofreading service, we will comb through your business content thoroughly and correct any errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation. We will also ensure that the format and layout are correct. The content itself will remain largely unchanged.

If you opt for the copy editing service, in addition to proofreading we will ensure that the content is appropriate, of a good standard and flows well. We may restructure the text, alter the format or suggest certain parts are removed or rewritten. We may also make stylistic alterations and suggest changes to the text where we feel they are necessary to improve its tone and fully achieve its intended impact. As part of this service, we will research your business and the industry in order to ensure your content is the most effective it can be.

Depending on the length and complexity of your business content, we aim to have it edited and returned to you between 3 days – 1 week. We may also be able to offer an express service if you need your content editing quickly. We will provide you with a specific timeframe upon enquiry and a final deadline will be agreed in writing prior to acceptance of the contract. We offer a personalised service so will discuss your project needs with you prior to commencing the work, including different methods of pricing (e.g. per hour, per project or per word), and throughout the project.

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